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About Us
About – The Posture Scale Analyzer
The  Posture Scale Analyzer was developed as a response to requests of chiropractors from the US and Europe looking for a bilateral scale, to indicate the lateral weight distribution of their patients.
The first generation of the PSA was a Bilateral Scale that provided limited information on the posture of the patient.
The second generation of the PSA is a quadruple force plate. It provides unlimited information on the weight distribution, the center of pressure, stability and more. 
Additionally, the PSA provides a biofeedback tool for training and educating patients to control their balance.
The PSA was developed with the collaboration of chiropractors and physical therapists to meet theirexplicit needs.
We constantly receive valuable feedback from our customers to continuously improve the system.
Periodically, software upgrades are provided free of charge to our customers.
About – Midot Medical Technology

Midot is dedicated to promote, distribute and maintain the development of the PSA.

Midot has an exclusive distribution agreement with Shekel Scale to distribute the PSA worldwide


About – Shekel Electronic Scales
The Posture Scale Analyzer was developed and produced by Shekel Scales.
Shekel Electronic Scales is the leading electronic scale company in Israel.
Shekel has been engaged in developing, producing and marketing of electronic scale systems since 1971.
Shekel products are developed and manufactured according to international quality standards and cover a variety of scale systems for many applications.



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