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Tytron - C-5000

   Paraspinal Thermal Imaging is a safe, painless, and reliable diagnostic test
   that measures the infrared heat emitted from the body's surface;
   without the use of radiation.
   Unlike many other tests, Paraspinal Thermal Imaging is unique in that it displays
   how the nerves system is functioning. Since the health of the nerves system can
   detrmine the health of the body, this examination provides critical information
   which is vital to your care.  


 How Does Paraspinal Thermal Imaging Works? 
   The process is based on a precise analysis of the body's surface temperature
   along the spine.
   Differences in temperature between opposite sites of the spine are compared
   to established normal values in the same way blood tests are.
   The significance of these temperature differences indicate the presence
   of abnormal nerves system function. 

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 TyTron is manufactured by Titronics in USA.  




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