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What Professionals Have To Say:
Dear Nissim,

I appreciated greatly your demonstration of your Postural Analyser and have found it to be extremely helpful in the clinical evaluation of patients suffering from neurological compromise.  I was pleased at the ease of operation and the friendliness of the system that certainly promotes and facilitates use by the clinician.  The parameters that you are using are appropriate and comparable to other systems that are markedly more expensive.  I am sure that physicians will appreciate such a savings that will also encourage the use of posturography in the clinical practice.

Thank you again for your sharing and I am very pleased to recommend the system.

best to you,

Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD
Cape Canaveral, Florida 

What Our Customers Have To Say:
      I have purchased the Posture Analyzer for my office this past January, 2007. 
  I have found that assessing my patients posture and weight distribution has given not only me 
  better insight on how well KST works, but the patients can hardly believe the change in their left
  to right and anterior to posterior distribution of weight. 
  Patients can hear you tell them they look better and straighter
  but the Posture Analyzer demonstrates this objectively.
  Dr. Brian R. Menzies
  Fairmont Family Chiropractic
  Fairmont, West Virginia
  THANK YOU for your Posture Analyzer system! You will remember that I had used the most 
  sophisticated bilateral scale system (DYNATRON Equalizer) for many years before I "retired"
  and sold my practice in Pennsylvania. When I decided to go back into practice,
  I began shopping for the best of everything. Your system does what the old EQUALIZER did,
  and much, much more.
  I use the system with ALL my New Patients, and as a Follow-Up for monitoring progress.
 The neurological retraining software is as good as any I have seen!
 The Posture Vision part of the system is also fantastic. (I can state that even though I have not yet
  mastered that part.) I pride myself in the fact that we have built the most technically sophisticated office
  that I have ever seen- your Posture Analyzer system is a key part of that!
  Thanks for bringing me "Back to the Future" in the world of chiropractic analysis!
  Peter J. Szakacs, D.C.
  Chiropractor/Clinical Director
  Quantum Vitality Centres

  I work as a clinical specialist in vestibular rehabilitation and use the
  Posture Analyzer with all my patients before and after rehab.
  The Posture Analyzer is very easy to use and set up, and gives me the info I need
  on weight distribution / centre of pressure.
  I like to use the 4 variable 'centre of pressure' display as it shows very clearly to patients
  where they stand.
  Alan Sealy
  I have been very pleased with the Posture Analyzer; I have used them mostly for an assessment of the  
  rhombergs test on my patients. I record the lateral and A/P sway and then reassess after treatment.
  I show the patients the progressive centre of gravity graph with the white to black dots denoting where  
  their C.O.G is. I am finding if their lateral sway is over 80 or their perpendicular sway over about 60
  they have some problems with their vestibular-cerebellar system and the Posture Analyzer
  is a useful tool for demonstrating this.
  Darren, UK
  I am very proud to have been officially selected to follow the Italian national team at the Olympics in  
  Athens.  I took the Posture Analyzer with me to the games to evaluate the athletes.
  I also use it every day with my patients.
 * Dr. Cecchi purchased a second unit the following year.
  Andrea Cecchi
  The Posture Analyzer has been a great tool to objectively analyze components of weight bearing. 
  Patients have difficulty learning how to equalize their weight. We have used it for research, treatment and  
  pre and post evaluation.
  Eric Shamus, PT, PhD
  Sports Medicine Clinic
  Nova Southeastern University
  The Posture analyzer has been a very economical and user friendly addition to my rehabilitation based 
  practice.  Patients are appreciative of the information and feel like their care is more individualized. 
  It was  very easy to train a staff member to perform testing and training.  I can review the results real time 
  to guide corrective exercises or review after the visit to make suggestions for their follow-up.  I consider
  this purchase very worth while.
  Daniel Knapp, D.C.
  I have used two Posture Analyzer systems for several years to evaluate and monitor our patients under  
  chiropractic management. The data relating to patient posture and balance I easily obtained, reliable,
  and reproducible. Improvement in balance and posture parameters is often dramatic with chiropractic
  care, and patients favourably comment regarding their improved stability noticed from test to test. In sum,
  I would recommend the Posture analyzer to my colleagues without reservations.
  Dr. Richard W. Merritt
  Chiropractic Health Center
  Lakeland, FL
  After doing a thorough research and product analysis to add vestibular rehabilitation, I selected the 
  Posture Analyzer. Cost was a major consideration; however, customer service and product results were
  the deciding factors. The Posture Analyzer is easily implemented, patient friendly (i.e. fun to use), and
  produces great results. We have been using the system for treatments and community education events. I
  can confidently say that the patient satisfaction level is at least 85%. The statistics, combined with an 80%
  improvement rate, speaks volumes for what this system does for our patients. The MIDOT team has
  always been available for product support and assistance with incorporating the Posture Analyzer
  smoothly into our clinic. I highly recommend this product and company to anyone interested in vestibular
  and postural rehabilitation.
  Peter Cox, D.C.
  Chiropractic Physician
  Acupuncture Certified
  2001-2004 Dr. for PGA & Sr. PGA Tours
  U.S. Olympic Athlete
  Charlotte, NC















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