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Products - Posture Analyzer
       QPS-200 - Posture Analyzer System, is the comprehensive solution for
        Posture and Stability analysis and bio-feedback training.
       The Posture Analyzer Consist of 5 items:
1.       Posture Scale Analyzer - Force plate and Software
2.       Posture Vision              - Software
3.      Posture Screen             - Background Screen
4.       PSA Board                   - For one limb testing and Training
5.       PSA Cushion                - For testing and training Balance and Stability
      The Posture Analyzer System is essential and objective system for:
  • Physical Therapists / Physiotherapists
  • Neurologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Rehab Centers
     Two tools in One System:
    A. Posture Scale Analyzer – Analyze weight distribution, balance and stability of patient.
    B. Posture-Vision – Analyze posture screening of the patient.
       Posture Scale Analyzer
         The Posture Scale Analyzer (PSA) has two modes of operation:
1.     Test Mode - provides the following information:
  • Records weight distribution between Left & Right, Anterior & Posterior.
  • Identifies patient's center of pressure during the test.
  • Tracks dynamic behaviors: stability, sway rate and direction, fall assessment.
2.     Training Mode
  • Real time Bio-Feedback training.
  • Trains and educates patient to control and adjust their balance and stability.
  • Enhances patient's awareness to their balance and stability.
     Other features:
  • Clear graphical and numerical presentation of test results.
  • Gives immediate test results and feedback (15 sec).
  • Records patient performance and training scores.
  • Provides a printout of test data.
  • Enables export and import test data via email. 
  • Provides statistical analysis.
  • BMI.
  • CE marking certified.
  • User friendly system.
      The PSA can be used:
  • Prior to treatment in order to determine the appropriate treatment.
  • After treatment  to indicate the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • During the treatment process to indicate the improvement in patient's condition.
       The PSA provides statistical analysis of the tests performed on a single patient, on a group of patients, or all the listed patients. The data is organized according to date of tests, patient age, gender and in addition, in accordance to 6 different criteria that can be specified by the attendant.
  •  Provides posture screening of patient 
  •  Indicates posture Imperfection.
  •  Supports downloading from a digital camera or file
  •  User friendly
  •  Provides a complementary tool to the Posture Scale Analyzer
  •  Enables immediate test results
  •  Analyzes X-ray pictures
The Posture-Vision is a complementary tool to the Posture Scale analyzer.                      
Used together the tools provide comprehensive evaluation of the Patient's condition. 
The Posture Analyzer isn't just another bilateral chiropractic scale
This is the most affordable postural and balance
analysis and training system of its kind!!!
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