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New Products:
    B- CURE - Soft Laser

    B-CURE is the world first portable soft-laser medical device.

   With the Healing Power of a Clinic

    For profetional and personal treatment of:
  •     Acute and chronic pain - back, neck, knees, joints, muscles.
  •     Sport injuries
  •     Joint inflammation
  •     Burns, acne and skin rejuvenation
   Proven clinical results
  Rechargeable battery
  Easy and safe to use

SpineScan is an innovative device that allows for instant and
    accurate assessment and follow-up of spinal deformities, postural
    disorders and range of motion.
    This portable, user friendly tool incorporates a variety of functions
    to quantify your observations:
  •  Spinal and cervical ROM measurements
  •  Body posture analysis
  •  Scoliosis: ATI measurements
  •  Kyphosis: sagittal curve measurements


     SpineScan gives the optimum in patient care for your growing practice

B-CURE - Soft Laser




    Neuropatholator Software
The Neuropatholator software, with over
    100 screens, 250 anatomical correlations, and dozens of  additional  
    animations is your core patient education experience.

    It will  save you hours of explanation time each month,
    while you experience greater compliance and referrals. 
    Click to show the organs, nerves, muscles, dermatomes, 
    and conditions as they relate to the spine. Demonstrate energy
    flow, subluxations and degeneration with ease.  
    Explain concepts like: definition of health, causes of subluxation, function
    of nerves, importance of posture, phases of care and scar tissue healing  
    times, for a deeper understanding.




   Paraspinal Thermal Imaging is a safe, painless, and reliable diagnostic test
   that measures the infrared heat emitted from the body's surface; without the use of radiation.

Unlike many other tests, Paraspinal Thermal Imaging is unique in that it      displays how the nerves system is functioning. Since the health of the nerves system can detrmine the health of the body, this examination provides critical information which is vital to your care.  

   TyTron is manufactured by Titronics in USA.



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