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 – The Neuropatholators are instant, dramatic, specific demonstration
     of neurological anatomy as it related to cause and symptom.
     Witnessing the power of a Neuropatholator creates an indelible experience.
     The Neuropatholator is:

     Irresistibly simple ... Just push a button or click on screen.
     • Indelibly impactful ... Watch the lights or screen.
     • Enduringly useful ... Use it for decade after decade.
     • Delightfully profitable ... Enjoy compliance and referrals day after day.

Two versions of Neuropatholator:

   a.  Neuropatholator Wallchart – The new Neuropatholator combine the two most popular charts we've offered in one stylish 24 inch  
package.It is large enough to use in front of an audience,
yet small and convenience enough to take to a spinal screening.
It looks great next to your view box, and with degeneration section

Not available for sell.

    b.   Neuropatholator Software – The Neuropatholator software,
        with over 100 screens, 250 anatomical correlations,
        and dozens of additional animations is your core patient 
        education experience.
        It will save you hours of explanation time each month,
        while you experience greater compliance and referra

Contact us for ordering the Neuropatholator now!

Present the information in various languages, so, your patient can understand: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Mandarin.
Click to show the organs, nerves, muscles, dermatomes, and conditions as they relate to the spine. Demonstrate energy flow, subluxations and degeneration with ease.

Explain concepts like: definition of health, causes of subluxation, function of nerves, importance of posture,
phases of care and scar tissue healing times, for a deeper understanding.









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