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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any queries that are not answered in this section. feel free to E-mail us
Q: What benefits can I get as a Midot Customer
A:   1. On line technical support
      2. Free software upgrade
      3. Affordable unit price and cost effective system.
      4. User friendly system                                                                                                             
Q: If I order the Posture Analyzer or other products, what is the delivery time ?
   A: The delivery time for Posture Analyzer and other products is 1-2 weeks
Q: How do you send the Posture Analyzer to my premises?
A:   In the US, sent by Fed-Ex ground transportation from New Jersey
      To Europe and other countries, sent by EMS (Express Mail Service), from Israel.
      In both cases, shipment progress can be tracked, via the internet.
Q: How can I get service for the PSA, beyond the first year warranty
A: You can extend the warranty period, by purchasing a service contract, for an additional    
     year or more, for an affordable price           
















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